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A Visit to The Chocolat Bar in Downtown Boise

How is it possible that The Chocolat Bar has been in Boise for 13 years and I didn’t know about it? I don’t know whether to be mad or embarrassed! But maybe I’ll pass on either because there is no need to ruin the wonderful experience of going there last week.

chocolat bar front

My daughter and I visited on a Saturday right after noon. It was a hot day and I was inclined to be done with Boise after the appointment that had brought us there. But she gets huge credit for politely insisting that we needed to go check it out.

chcolate bar sign boardThe shop was constantly busy, but never did either of the employees make anyone feel rushed or bothersome. They made it easy to ask questions, but there was never any pressure about decisions. Everyone was made to feel genuinely welcome at their own pace.

The chocolates at The Chocolat Bar are expensive compared to See’s Candy, but they are of significantly higher quality. I enjoy See’s Candy and some of their employees have known me for 20 years, so when I compare chocolate to See’s, I am comparing to something I know well and like. The Chocolat Bar ranks high.

The owners’ son is now working there and was on duty that Saturday. He gave us a very nice description of the samples and then was kind enough to do it again when I wanted a video. When we got home, I took some more video as we sampled our stash. You can see the centers and get our report of what we liked and why.

chcolate bar my orderI am a little sad that The Chocolat Bar is 45 minutes away from my home. However, I have some connections in downtown Boise and may be able to persuade certain persons to occasionally pick some up for me. I definitely recommend getting chocolates from there when you want to get a special gift for someone (I sure hope my husband reads this…). I know I am going to put this idea on my Christmas list for others, too.

The Chocolat Bar does have a website and you can order from them for delivery any time. They have insulated boxes to help get it to you in the warm months. I guess there is literally nothing to keep me from getting chocolates when I really want some!




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