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Open Spaces

I am feeling less apartment bound this week.  That is partly because Greg showed me how to get to the Keelung River.    There are stone paved walking paths, with a little bit of maneuvering on narrow roads, that can be used to reach this park within ten minutes of walking. (This photo is was taken […]

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On A Day Like Today

Today began like many a Monday in whatever country I’m in.  I started some laundry, fixed the kids their breakfast, and made a schedule for the day.  When I made the schedule, I think I may have forgotten that I was in a foreign country, only know a very few words of the language, and […]

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Old Teimu Trail

Today we hiked up into our new backyard, that is Yangmingshan National Forest.  It was our first excursion into this area which is amazingly only a 30 minute walk from our apartment.  The city ends almost abruptly at the mountains.  This particular trail is also know as the trail of 1000 steps, and they just […]

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