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Helpless Female Gets a Tattoo

I had never even thought of getting a tattoo until a couple of years ago. I can’t explain what happened. Kind of like I can’t say just when and why the idea of piercing my belly button suddenly seemed interesting when I was 48 years old. It just occurred to me one day that it […]

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What to Pack for a Tropical Beach Vacation

Pack lightly, but take everything you need. Dress appropriately for each activity, but only have one change of clothes. Simplify and get away from it all, but have everything you need to relax. Based on these conflicting principles of travel, my friends and I have come up with a woman’s basic packing list for a […]

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Finding Your Way To and Around the Region of Quepos Costa Rica

If you don’t already know it, don’t trust travel brochures. Or travel companies. I’m not saying I didn’t have a good time in Quespos, Costa Rica and the surrounding area. Anywhere I go with Wild Greg, we have a good time. Perhaps hair raising as well, but never boring and I can at least laugh […]

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How I Accidentally Increased My Balance and Flexibility by Dancing Barefoot

It makes me feel a little guilty. Nearly every time I go out dancing, someone compliments me, asking something like, “Are you are a professional?” or saying “You are amazing!”  Last week, a couple that I had never met was having enough fun watching me that they bought me a drink. The truth is there […]

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How to Get Close to Monkeys in Manuel Antonio Park in Costa Rica

I have to be honest. The only thing we did to get close to some cute little monkeys was walk through the main tourist road of Manuel Antonio Park. Even with all kinds of people there, the monkeys were just doing their thing in the branches. At least one particular kind of monkey and that […]

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