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RVWD – What Does the Word Propitiation Mean in the Bible

Do you know what the word propitiation means as used in the Bible? If you look up its roots, you find it comes from the Latin word propitius, which simply means “favorable” or “gracious.” The English adjective propitious is derived from it (See Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 4th edition). I think I may have actually read in an […]

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RVWD – Where Did the Word Bible Come From

The word bible is not in “the collection of writings” commonly referred to as The Bible. So, where did it come from and why is it so strongly associated with this particular collection? It has to do with Greek roots and papyrus. It goes something like this: biblio, biblion, biblia. Or book, (little?) book, books. […]

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Is the New Noah Movie Biblical

Anyone who says that the new movie Noah is too fantastical has a disconnect between what they read in the Bible and what they think is ‘normal’. The Bible is full of fantastical elements. The Old Testament has talking donkeys, talking serpents, questionable acts between supernatural beings and the daughters of men, giants, Nephilim (what […]

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RVWD – Does the Bible Say Anything About Lent

The word lent is apparently derived from an Old English word meaning “spring.” As a word, lent is not in the Bible. As a concept, there is no ritual or remembrance like it described in the Bible that Christians are commanded to follow. There are certain stories and ideas in the Bible that are used […]

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Chinese Music Video Makes Intense Homework -因為你全然的愛我 Because You Completely Love Me

Last week I wrote about how I rewrote (in Chinese) a popular Chinese song into something I could relate to more. This week, I’m posting a music video of it. But it is hard to sing in a language I’m not fluent in! Anyway, I captioned the Chinese characters on it, too, which was more […]

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