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Chinese Music Video Makes Intense Homework -因為你全然的愛我 Because You Completely Love Me

Last week I wrote about how I rewrote (in Chinese) a popular Chinese song into something I could relate to more. This week, I’m posting a music video of it. But it is hard to sing in a language I’m not fluent in! Anyway, I captioned the Chinese characters on it, too, which was more […]

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NLTFOT: God the Man to the Tune of Spiderman

I was minding my own business one afternoon last week, doing some chores, when my daughter tuned on some music. A couple of songs into the list, the theme from Spiderman came on and I found myself thinking that would be a fun tune for new lyrics for this category of New Lyrics to Familiar […]

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If You Give a Child an Animal and a Camera They Will Document Many Things

What do you think a child learns from having animals involved in family life? I wrote an article for D&B Supply about expected and unexpected lessons that animals can teach children a few days ago. I recalled many things beyond the most thought of “lessons in responsibility.” Then, I got to thinking of all the […]

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RVWD – Why Isn’t the Word Eschatology in the Bible

The word eschatology is not in the Bible, but it is used to talk about the Bible a lot. I have heard it all my life, but still have trouble keeping it’s meaning in my head because, I think, it has no practical purpose other than sounding fancy. However, I occasionally look it up again […]

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The Empty Promise of If Only

For the first few years after our 13 year old daughter died, I quite naturally thought of  ”how old she would have been if only she had lived.” Then, one year, I realized how pointless this was. It was not only a waste of my emotional energy, it was a drain on living the life […]

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