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Best Barefoot Runners Gear – High Visibility Sunglasses

I know. I know. If running with bare feet, why use any “unnatural equipment.” I’ve heard the discussions and the sarcasm. How naked should we get? Is it even right to carry water? Won’t you lose your zen if you use technological gear? The fact is, you want to be able to use your body […]

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A Spring Swimming Review for the Average Swimmer and Triathlete

I have been swimming in my Tuff Pool with the Endless Pools’ Fastlane current generator for about one and a half years now. With another spring begun, it seemed like a good time to review and update what I’ve learned at this point. Some of it is applicable to swimming anywhere, as I have verified […]

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Can I Keep Running Barefoot in Cold Winter Weather

If you have recently learned to enjoy barefoot running, you probably learned in the warmer months of the year. You worked on patiently building up the soles of your feet, but as winter begins to creep in, you wonder if it is safe to run barefoot in cold weather, AND if you can tolerate it, […]

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How to Avoid Achilles Tendon Injury When Running Barefoot

It is not very hard to make the case that being barefoot while running, walking, dancing, standing (any time you use your feet) is better for all the joints and tendons in your body. The physiology of the foot and its connections are well suited to help maintain balance, while minimizing impact to the rest […]

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Helpless Female Learns to Change the Battery in Her Underwater Swimming Timer

My underwater swimming timer stopped working last week. Only the two little digital black dots in the middle remained. Being somewhat of a pessimist, I immediately checked for leakage in the waterproof case. I was glad to discover it was all still dry. I thought the screen would be totally blank when the battery ran […]

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