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A Spring Swimming Review for the Average Swimmer and Triathlete

I have been swimming in my Tuff Pool with the Endless Pools’ Fastlane current generator for about one and a half years now. With another spring begun, it seemed like a good time to review and update what I’ve learned at this point. Some of it is applicable to swimming anywhere, as I have verified […]

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What My Engineer did to Fix the Squeaky Noise of the Spin Bike Brakes

We have had our Pro-form 290-SPX spin bikes for about 3 years now. The first year, they were quiet. The next year (approximately… ), they began to talk to us loudly. The noise of their loud, squeaky voice said, “You should look at our brakes.”  Some of the pads were worn at a slanted angle. […]

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3 Books for Triathlon and Running Workout Perspective

The common feature of these books is that each person comes from life circumstances that the average person can relate to … sort of. These are not the tales of high school stars gone on to Olympic glory or talent rewarded with advertising sponsorships. These are people who chose to to pursue triathlon and/or running […]

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Skinny Girl Weight Loss Confessions

I have been repeatedly accused of being skinny. Like it’s not fair or I am cheating somehow. Like I have never had any issues with weight management or body shape. This has been going on as long as I can remember. I even had one friend in high school tell me she couldn’t wait for […]

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Helpless Female Reviews Idaho Bicycle Laws

I’m afraid of moving vehicles, including the ones I’m powering. Still, I like to ride my bicycle and I thought it would give me some confidence on the road if I actually knew the laws for riding my bike on the road. I expected it to be overwhelming, given the propensity of lawmakers to make […]

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