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What we do at home.

Adventures in Netafim – Sprinkler Head Changed to Drip Line

It helps to know your options. But it also helps to know how to implement them. Sometimes that means being aware of your limits and having help available. I began this project full of hope and high expectations of doing it myself. I had completed another Netafim project by myself last year. However, there were non-obvious […]

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How to Walk Your Dog 怎麼溜你的狗 in Chinese

    怎麼溜你的狗 (怎麼)(溜)❶(你的)(狗) (zen3 me.) (liu4) (ni3 de.) (gou3) (how) ) (to stroll, to walk slowly) (your) (dog) How to walk your dog.     Having dogs as pets is a fairly recent phenomena in Taiwan. 五十年以前台灣的人比較貧窮。 (五十)(年)(以前)(台灣的)(人)(比較)(貧窮)。 (wu3 shi2) (nian2) (yi3 qian2) (tai2 wan1 de.) (ren2) (bi3 jiao4) (pin2 qiong2) (fifty) (year) (before, […]

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