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Helpless Female Gives Advice on Setting Metal Fence Posts

I think we have more metal fence posts in place around our yard than the average home. This is only partly due to us living on an acre. Our neighbors, all with similarly sized or smaller lots, generally have white vinyl fences, if they have fences at all. Most of these seem mainly decorative, though […]

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My Categories of Invasive or Easy to Grow Plants in My Idaho Garden

I recently wrote an article for the D&B Supply blog about how to decide whether or not a plant is invasive in your own yard. In it I mention a few plants along the way, as examples, but I thought I’d go ahead and make a more thorough list of categories of vigorous, easy to […]

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What Plants Will I Grow in My April Vegetable Garden in Southwest Idaho

Right now, in early April in my garden, I have these vegetable plants sprouted and growing because I planted them in March or they volunteered in March: lettuce peas radishes cilantro broccoli cabbage Other things, like bunching onions (which I can harvest most of the winter), leeks, asparagus, and garlic, have wintered over, as I […]

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How to Grow Strawberries in the Hot Summers of Idaho

My new Rainer strawberry plants arrived in the mail last week and I had to decide where to plant them. I have grown edible strawberries successfully at two homes in this arid, high desert climate of southwest Idaho. I designate “edible” because I have also grown a decorative strawberry ground cover that was not edible, […]

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How to Sew an Easy Lined Zipper Pocket

Sometimes I think that every time I sew a pocket, I come up with a different way to do it! But it’s not just indecision. Its (usually) improvement or adjusting a design specifically for the need at hand. Like the lined zipper pocket that I made for the apron (with the secret earbud cord porthole). […]

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