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10 Easy Ways to Eat Your Abundance of Chicken Eggs

I am not a natural egg eater. If they are not from my chickens, I’m not that interested. So, when my hens start laying I really have to switch gears. I want to enjoy my bounty. I understand the nutritional treasure chest of an egg, especially from chickens as happy as mine are. From the […]

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If You Give a Child an Animal and a Camera They Will Document Many Things

What do you think a child learns from having animals involved in family life? I wrote an article for D&B Supply about expected and unexpected lessons that animals can teach children a few days ago. I recalled many things beyond the most thought of “lessons in responsibility.” Then, I got to thinking of all the […]

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How to Keep Chicken Water from Freezing in the Winter

My engineer has devised yet another way to help keep the chicken water from freezing. It is not because his first way didn’t work, but because we needed extra ‘layers’ of sorts for the extreme cold. I wrote about the first chicken water silo foam insulator for the D&B Supply blog. Be sure to follow […]

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Helpless Female and the Friendly Chicken

I’m not sure where I stand in the pecking order. On one hand, if I move too quickly in the pen, birds go flying frantically everywhere. I’m surprised I don’t have to regularly peel them off of the fencing. On the other hand, several of the chickens come peck at anything from my toenails to […]

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Helpless Female Learns About Chicken Psychology

Chickens exist for more than bar-b-q meat and egg laying. They are here on this earth to keep us humble. Even though they have brains the size of a pea (not scientifically verified), they keep us constantly guessing about our own view of the world and the predictability of natural phenomena. Some people have pondered that […]

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