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How Well Does a Straw Bale Garden Decompose in the Arid Desert of Southwest Idaho

A few days ago I needed to break up one of my 3 straw bale gardens in order to set up a chicken pen.  This particular straw bale garden was just beginning its third spring.  All of it, dirt and straw, has been watered regularly with drip irrigation.  I have grown vegetables such as zucchini, […]

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Keeping My Garden Organized with a Portable Garden Chart

Charting out my garden plan is not one of my favorite garden activities.  Since I DO gravitate toward lists and charts, I’m not sure why this is.  Maybe it is the puzzle qualities of the endeavor.  I HAVE to make everything fit, and there is never enough room.  It is unsolvable.  Getting myself a cup […]

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Blooms in Succession Throughout the Season Provide Therapy for the Old Straw Bale Garden

A straw bale raised bed is one way to add dimension to your garden, but it begins to lose it’s original form after a season.  The straw turns a dirty grey, while sections of the sides randomly abandon the mother bale.  The soil in the middle sinks, no matter if it was tamped down, and […]

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Winter Shapes of the Straw Bale Garden

My straw bale garden has sagged, but I don’t think it’s all bad.  I think it is on it’s way to becoming a pleasing, comfortable shape.  Earlier, this winter, some bulbs were places on top of it, then covered with a layer of top soil.  The soil ended up having more rocks in it than […]

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Perspectives on Gardening Results in the Face of Disappointment

The straw bale squash plant has powdery mildew.  Half the tomato plants were removed due to some virus and the others are barely producing.  Green worms and aphids are wreaking havoc on my cabbage.  The weeds got a definite advantage while I spent time trying to take care of other responsibilities AND process what produce […]

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