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Why I Do Not Use Fabric Softener and What I Do Instead: Dryer Balls, Baking Soda, and White Vinegar Options

  I stopped using fabric softener because: the “fragrances” were too strong for comfort they often unpredictably stained my clothing they seemed like a questionable expense they left an unpleasant film around the dispenser the things in the list below work well   What I do now: a scoop of baking soda, approximately 2/3 cup […]

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How to Sew a Secret Earbud Cord Porthole Pocket in an Apron or Anything

Sewing an earbud cord porthole is similar to making a bound buttonhole or welt pocket, only easier. Just apply a facing to the area where you want the porthole, stitch, slash, turn, and press. That’s it in a nutshell. Even if you are unfamiliar with this process, and the sewing lingo, I think my explanation […]

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12 Low Budget Ways to Organize Your Sewing Room

I discovered some years ago that one key to getting more sewing done was to have at least one little corner where I could keep my sewing machine set up. Part of the challenge, however, was that this corner was often subject to relocation. This meant that I had to organize my supplies with compact […]

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Round Fabric Basket with PVC Pipe Liner

Four inch diameter PVC pipe makes a sturdy, non-breakable, washable support structure, for a small fabric storage basket. Sewing a circular fabric cover for it involves only 2 seams each for outer fabric and lining, plus whatever method is chosen to finish the top end. I did have a couple of extra seams because I […]

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A Simple Organizing of My Blog Post Schedule With You in Mind

For months my blog post schedule as been based on an index card taped to my desk next to my keyboard. (Really, it is attached using clear shelf liner like I talk about in this post about color coded calendar organizing)┬áThis simple reference was used every time I sat down to write, to keep some […]

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