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How to Wash the Dishes 怎麼洗碗盤 in Chinese

It happens every day 大家吃飯, 然後我要洗很多碗盤。 (大家)(吃飯), (然後)(我)(要)(洗)(很多)(碗盤)。 (da4 jia1) (chi1 fan4), (ran2 hou4) (wo3) (yao4) (xi3) (hen3 duo1) (wan3 pan2) (whole family) (to eat), (then) (I) (must) (to wash) (very many) (dishes) The whole family eats, then I must wash many dishes.   They don’t eat just once a day, either. 從早到晚,他們吃很多東西。 (從)(早)(到)(晚),(他們)(吃)(很多)(東西)❶。 (cong2) […]

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How to Say in Chinese – I Want to Buy Wheat Flour to Make Bread 我要買麵粉做麵包

How to Say in Chinese – I Want to Buy Wheat Flour to Make Bread  怎麼用中文説”我要買麵粉做麵包   It can be the things you take for granted that 關於另外的語言怎麼教妳重要的東西。 (關於)(另外的)❶(語言)(怎麼)(教)(妳)(重要的)(東西)。 (guan1 yu2) (ling4 wai4 de.) (yu3 yan2) (zen3 me.) (jiao1) (ni3) (zhong1 yao4 de.) (dong1 xi1) (concerning, with regard to) (other) (language) (how, what) (to teach) […]

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How to Not Over React 怎麼不過分的反應 in Chinese

It is important to learn 怎麼不過分的反應❶。 (怎麼)(不)[(過分)(的)](反應)。 (zen3 me.) (bu2) [(guo4 fen4) (de.)] (fan3 ying4) (how) (not) [(beyond the normal and proper limits) (mades the previous word an adjective)] (to react). how not to overreact.   It can be hard because 有時候一些人他們就是要生氣。 (有時候)(一些)(人)(他們)(就是)(要)(生氣)。 (you3 shi2 hou4) (yi4 xie1) (ren2) (ta1 men.) (jiu4 shi4) (yao4) (sheng1 […]

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How I Began to 唱快樂的光腳丫歌 Sing the Happy Barefoot Song in Chinese

  When you are reciting 一閃一閃小星星 (一閃一閃)❶ (小) (星星) (yi1 shan3 yi1 shan3) (xiao3) (xing1 xing1) (one flash, one flash) (little) (star) Twinkle, twinkle little star (you can find that song in Chinese here.)   Silently in your head while running, 有時候你意外地聯想起新的詞句。 (有時候)(你)[(意外)(地)](聯想起)[(新)(的)](詞句)。 (you3 shi2 hou4) (ni3) [(yi4 wai4) (de.)] (lian2 xiang3 qi2) [(xin1) (de.)] […]

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