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How to be Satisfied with Curly Hair 怎麼對自己的卷頭髮滿意 in Chinese

  Her own hair is often both a woman’s personal nemesis and a treasure. 最後我滿意我自己的卷頭髮. (最後)❶(我)(滿意)(我)[(自己)(的)](卷頭髮)❺. (zui4 hou4) (wo3) (man3 yi4) (wo3) [(zi4 ji4) (de.)] (juan3 tou1 fa2) (most after = finally) (I) (satisfied, approve) (my) [(self) (possesive ending) = own] (curly hair) Finally, I am satisfied with my curly hair.   It wasn’t always […]

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How to Text 怎麼傳簡訊 in Chinese

I have always thought the American term “text” was odd. 它是很短和方便,可是它不是平常每天用的英文。 (它)(是)(很)(短)(和)(方便),(可是)(它)(不)(是)(平常)(每天)(用的)(英文) (ta1) (shi4) (hen3) (duan3) (han4) (fang1 bian4), (ke3 shi4) (ta1) (bu2) (shi4) (ping2 chang) (mei2 tian1) (yong4 de.) (ying1 wen2) (it) (is) (very) (short) (and) (convenient), (but) (it) (not) (is) (normal, ordinary) (every day) (used) (English) It is very short and convenient, but […]

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How to Talk About Your Husband 怎麼說妳的老公 in Chinese

I like to talk about my husband 因為我愛他而且他是很棒! (因為)(我)(愛)(他)(而且)(他)(是)(很)(幫)! (yin1 wei4) (wo3) (ai4) (ta1) (er2 qie3) (ta1) (shi4) (hen3) (bang4) (because) (I) (love) (him) (but also) (he) (to be/is) (very) (great) Because I love him, and he is also great!   There are two main ways to talk about a husband in Chinese. 一個叫法很客氣。 (一個)(叫法)(很)(客氣)。 […]

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How to Make a Suggestion 如何建議 in Chinese

When we make a suggestion 建議 (jian4 yi4) in English we often begin the phrase with words such as “would you like to…” or “why don’t we…” and it is phrased as a question. In Chinese, you can ask a question such as:   你要不要看電影? (你)(要不要)(看)(電影) (ni3) (yao4 bu2 yao4) (kan4) (dian4 ying3) (you) (want […]

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How to Stir Fry 怎麼炒 in Chinese

Most Americans have eaten “chow mein” before. 我是年輕人的時候我也吃炒麵。 (我)(是)(年輕)(人)(的時候)❸(我)(也)(吃)(炒)(麵)。 (wo3) (shi4) (nian2 qing1) (de. shi2 hou4) (wo3) (ye3) (chi1) (chao3) (mian4) (I) (to be) (young/youthful) (person) (when) (I) (also) (to eat) (stir fry) (noodle) When I was a young person, I also ate chow mein.   But Americans apparently pronounce it with an Italian accent, […]

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