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How to Know if 你 好無聊 You are Boring in Chinese

It was a very hot Sunday afternoon. Still, 當❶我的先生說 「我會在游泳池裡放輕鬆,」的時候,我很驚喜。 (當)(我的)(先生)(說) 「(我)(會)(在)(游泳池)(裡)(放)(輕鬆),」(的時候),(我)(很)(驚喜)。 (dang1) (wo3 de.) (xian1 sheng1) (shuo1) “(wo3) (hui4) (zai4) (you2 yong3 chi2) (li3) (fang4) (qing1 song1),” (de. shi2 hou4), (wo3) (hen3) (jing1 xi3). (just at) (my) (husband) (to say) “(I) (will) (at) (swimming pool) (in) (to put) (relax). I was surprised when my […]

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How to Keep Track of 誰 走 Who is Leaving in Chinese

These days, it is hard to keep track. 我的孩子常常來去不定地回家來。 [(我)(的)](孩子)(常常)[(來去)(不定)(地)](回)(家)(來)。 [(wo3) (de.)] (hai2 zi.) (chang2 chang2) [(lai2 qu4) (bu2 ding4) (de.)] (hui2) (jia1) (lai2). [(I,me) (suffix making it possessive "my")] (children) (often) [(to come to go) (not definite) (particle indicating this is adverbial phrase for subsequent verb)] (return) (home) (come). My children often come and […]

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How to Compare Who 買了很多巧克力給我 is Buying Me the Most Chocolate in Chinese

All of my friends and family have been known to do it. 他們買了巧克力給我。 [(他)(們)][(買)(了)](巧克力)❶(給)(我)❷。 [(ta1) (men.)] [(mai3) (le.)] (qiao3 ke4 li4) (gei3) (wo3). [(he, but also gender neutral pronoun for a mixed group when you need to add the suffix that makes it plural) (suffix that makes the first word plural)] [(to buy) (suffix emphasizing […]

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Figuring Out How to Think 想 and What You Want 要 in Chinese

Poor Beth. 她很想家。 (她)(很)(想家)。 (ta1) (hen3)❶ (xiang3 jia1) (she) (very) (think of home with longing/homesick) She is very homesick.   She is working far away from home. 我想不久以前她還是小孩子。 (我)(想)[(不)(久)(以前)](她)[(還)(是)][(小)(孩子)]。 (wo3) (xiang3) [(bu4) (jiu3) (yi3 qian2)] (ta1) [(hai2) (shi4)] (xiao3) (hai2 zi.) (I) (think) [(not) (long) (by means of front/before)] (she) [(still) (is)] (small) (child) I […]

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Figuring Out if I Can’t 不了了, Won’t 不會去, Shouldn’t 不該, or Don’t Feel Like 不想 Swimming in Chinese

As I was considering my options for activities on this lovely spring day, I realized (我)[(不)(想)](去)(游泳)。 (wo3) [(bu4)(xiang3)](qu4) (you2 yong3) (I) [(not)(want/think/feel)] (go) (swim) I don’t feel like swimming.   This bothered me some, since I have a very nice swimming pool and had been trying to get to it for a couple of days. […]

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