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How to Clone Someone 怎麼複製某人 in Chinese

怎麼複製某人 (怎麼)(複製)❶(某人) (zen2 me.) (fu4 zhi4) (mou3 ren2) (how) (to copy/to clone) (someone)       (click on photo to enlarge) Photography by Natalie Blodgett       It sounds good in theory. 有時候你需要更多幫 忙 (有時候)(你)(需要)(更多)(幫忙) (you3 shi2 hou4) (ni3) (xu1 yao4) (geng4 duo1) (bang1 mang2) (sometimes) (you) (to want) (more) (help) Sometimes you really […]

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The Case of the Dangerous Missing Foot 危險走失的腳丫子 in Chinese

This foot was apparently added, rather than lost, in the translation. In fact, the Chinese characters on the sign in question, found by someone while hiking in China and posted at, don’t say anything directly about feet. Part of the problem is that which is universal to all signs. Wording on signs is abbreviated. […]

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Why People Need a Hug 為什麼人們 需要擁抱 in Chinese

      Why People Need a Hug 為什麼人們 需要擁抱 in Chinese Proving once again that there are many major similarities in common between most cultures, the Chinese word for “to hug” will be discussed today.  While in English, the word has wonderful connotations, the Chinese version leaves no room for doubt.     你得完整地用雙臂如果你要擁抱朋友。 […]

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How to be Satisfied with Curly Hair 怎麼對自己的卷頭髮滿意 in Chinese

  Her own hair is often both a woman’s personal nemesis and a treasure. 最後我滿意我自己的卷頭髮. (最後)❶(我)(滿意)(我)[(自己)(的)](卷頭髮)❺. (zui4 hou4) (wo3) (man3 yi4) (wo3) [(zi4 ji4) (de.)] (juan3 tou1 fa2) (most after = finally) (I) (satisfied, approve) (my) [(self) (possesive ending) = own] (curly hair) Finally, I am satisfied with my curly hair.   It wasn’t always […]

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How to Text 怎麼傳簡訊 in Chinese

I have always thought the American term “text” was odd. 它是很短和方便,可是它不是平常每天用的英文。 (它)(是)(很)(短)(和)(方便),(可是)(它)(不)(是)(平常)(每天)(用的)(英文) (ta1) (shi4) (hen3) (duan3) (han4) (fang1 bian4), (ke3 shi4) (ta1) (bu2) (shi4) (ping2 chang) (mei2 tian1) (yong4 de.) (ying1 wen2) (it) (is) (very) (short) (and) (convenient), (but) (it) (not) (is) (normal, ordinary) (every day) (used) (English) It is very short and convenient, but […]

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