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How to Make a Fruit Smoothie 怎麼做水果奶昔 in Chinese

    怎麼做水果奶昔 (怎麼)(做)(水果奶昔) (zen3 me.) (zuo4) (shui3 guo3 nai3 xi2) (how) (to make) (fruit milkshake) How to make a fruit smoothie.❶     It is the perfect summer lunch. 你只要一些水果,足夠的液體,和一點冰塊。 (你)(只)(要)(一些)(水果)❷,(足夠的)❸(液體),(和)(一點)(冰塊)。 (ni3) (zhi3) (yao4) (yi1 xie1) (shui3 guo3), (zu2 gou4 de.) (ye4 ti3), (han4) (yi1 dian3) (bing1 kuai4) (you) (only) (to need) (some) (fruit), […]

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How to Have a Baby 怎麼生孩子 in Chinese

Contrary to much science fiction literature, 每個人都是女人生的。 (每個)(人)(都)(是)[(女人)(生)(的)]❶。 (mei3 ge.) (ren2) (dou1) (shi4) [(nü3 ren2) (sheng1) (de.)] (every) (person) (all) (it/to be) [(woman) (to be born) (adjective marker)] Every person is born of a woman.   No one can do it by themselves. 一個女人得經由生產所以每個各人可以出生。 (一個)(女人)(得)(經由)(生產)(所以)(每個)(各)(人)(可以)(出生)❷。 (yi1 ge.) (nü3 ren2) (dei3) (jing1 you2) (sheng1 chan3) (suo3 […]

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How to Walk Your Dog 怎麼溜你的狗 in Chinese

    怎麼溜你的狗 (怎麼)(溜)❶(你的)(狗) (zen3 me.) (liu4) (ni3 de.) (gou3) (how) ) (to stroll, to walk slowly) (your) (dog) How to walk your dog.     Having dogs as pets is a fairly recent phenomena in Taiwan. 五十年以前台灣的人比較貧窮。 (五十)(年)(以前)(台灣的)(人)(比較)(貧窮)。 (wu3 shi2) (nian2) (yi3 qian2) (tai2 wan1 de.) (ren2) (bi3 jiao4) (pin2 qiong2) (fifty) (year) (before, […]

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How to Clone Someone 怎麼複製某人 in Chinese

怎麼複製某人 (怎麼)(複製)❶(某人) (zen2 me.) (fu4 zhi4) (mou3 ren2) (how) (to copy/to clone) (someone)       (click on photo to enlarge) Photography by Natalie Blodgett       It sounds good in theory. 有時候你需要更多幫 忙 (有時候)(你)(需要)(更多)(幫忙) (you3 shi2 hou4) (ni3) (xu1 yao4) (geng4 duo1) (bang1 mang2) (sometimes) (you) (to want) (more) (help) Sometimes you really […]

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The Case of the Dangerous Missing Foot 危險走失的腳丫子 in Chinese

This foot was apparently added, rather than lost, in the translation. In fact, the Chinese characters on the sign in question, found by someone while hiking in China and posted at, don’t say anything directly about feet. Part of the problem is that which is universal to all signs. Wording on signs is abbreviated. […]

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