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How to Stir Fry 怎麼炒 in Chinese

Most Americans have eaten “chow mein” before. 我是年輕人的時候我也吃炒麵。 (我)(是)(年輕)(人)(的時候)❸(我)(也)(吃)(炒)(麵)。 (wo3) (shi4) (nian2 qing1) (de. shi2 hou4) (wo3) (ye3) (chi1) (chao3) (mian4) (I) (to be) (young/youthful) (person) (when) (I) (also) (to eat) (stir fry) (noodle) When I was a young person, I also ate chow mein.   But Americans apparently pronounce it with an Italian accent, […]

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How to Catch a Mouse 怎麼捕捉老鼠 in Chinese

怎麼捕捉老鼠 (怎麼)(捕捉)❶(老鼠) (zen3 me.) (bu3 zhuo1) (lao3 shu3) (how) (to catch) (mouse or rat) How To Catch a Mouse   I have a big problem. 很多的老鼠侵略我的雞舍 [(很)(多)(的)] (老鼠) (侵略)❷ (我的) (雞舍)❸ [(hen3)(duo1)(de.)] (lao3 shu3) (qin1 lue4) (wo3 de.) (ji1 she4) [(very) (many) (adjective marker)] (mouse) (invade) (my) (chicken coop) Many mice have invaded my chicken […]

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How to Wash the Dishes 怎麼洗碗盤 in Chinese

It happens every day 大家吃飯, 然後我要洗很多碗盤。 (大家)(吃飯), (然後)(我)(要)(洗)(很多)(碗盤)。 (da4 jia1) (chi1 fan4), (ran2 hou4) (wo3) (yao4) (xi3) (hen3 duo1) (wan3 pan2) (whole family) (to eat), (then) (I) (must) (to wash) (very many) (dishes) The whole family eats, then I must wash many dishes.   They don’t eat just once a day, either. 從早到晚,他們吃很多東西。 (從)(早)(到)(晚),(他們)(吃)(很多)(東西)❶。 (cong2) […]

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