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I am a kitchen table investor, wisely guided by my husband who thinks its a great way for me to shop, but he still gets to keep the money; and further educated by my dad, who is a well of information and encouragement. I am by no means an expert and am not giving anyone advice on how to invest. I’m just chronicling my investing adventures!

How to Teach Your Children to Invest in the Stock Market

I have recently had the pleasure of setting up custodial stock market accounts for grandchildren. I knew this could be done because we learned about it when setting up stock market accounts for our (still at that time) minor children. I was also inspired to do it because my dear mother-in-law bought savings certificates for […]

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Helpless Female Explores Google Spread Sheets, Fast Graphs, and Short Ratios for the Stock Market Diaries

Helping to do research for and suggest actions on our stock market investments can make me feel really smart and really dumb all at the same time. I will feel pleased that I finally understand how to glance at the company summary and key statistics at Yahoo! Finance, and know certain things. Then, I will […]

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