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I am a kitchen table investor, wisely guided by my husband who thinks its a great way for me to shop, but he still gets to keep the money; and further educated by my dad, who is a well of information and encouragement. I am by no means an expert and am not giving anyone advice on how to invest. I’m just chronicling my investing adventures!

How the Government Interferes with The Stock Market

People in government typically think they can manipulate the economy and the stock market. They either don’t recognize or ignore historically documented economic results from various governmental actions. Sadly, they are also often too interested in the political position that making certain promises will get them because too many other people are unaware of the […]

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Perspectives on Predictions of Economic Collapse for the Humble Investor

  There is one thing for sure, predictions of economic doom and collapse sell news. There are compelling reasons why it is so. There is plenty of obvious evidence of corruption and violence. Surely, collapse will come soon! Civilizations have collapsed in the past, haven’t they? The real answer seems to be relative, for several […]

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Stock Market Diaries Tax Awareness Strategies for the Humble Investor

If you make any money above and beyond what various persons in government publicly decide is “more than they think absolutely necessary” you will pay taxes. Basically, they will tax you on anything they think they can get away with, and unfortunately they often change the rules about this. Still, there are some concepts that […]

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