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Beef Cobbler

( Beef Cobbler) Living with a blossoming chef (below) (a different day:  research with toffee) has many advantages, one of which is learning of reliable sources of creative recipes.   She not only knows where to look, but she has intuitive insight into how to evaluate or play with the recipes.  This is how I became […]

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Zucchini Chips for Snacking and Soups in the Excalibur Dehydrator

I was dubious.  I imagined zucchini chips as bland and tough.  However, I was ready to make a lot of use of my new dehydrator.  I asked a friend who is more experienced with drying food.  She said they are surprisingly good.  Next, I researched details in my new resources, such as  Preserve It Naturally […]

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Chocolatiere de Victoria

Recent wanderings in Victoria, BC, resulted in the deliciously satisfying discovery of Chocolat, Chocolatiere de Victoria.  Everything about the shop drew me in, from it’s mouthwatering sign to the chocolates displays I could see just three feet beyond the windows.  While it’s true that tasting is the test of substance, it is also true that […]

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Crunchy Beans

Anyone who has ever entertained ideas of frugality, food storage, a back-to-basics diet, or farmstead cooking has tried cooking dry beans.  I have a good supply of beans in my downstairs pantry, maybe a few too many, maybe a few years old, and they appear to get drier all the time. Earlier this week I […]

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