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Hebrew Midwives Defy Egyptian Positive Gender Selection Regulations

reported by BNP via the Exodus Examiner

The Egyptian government has intensified its population control measures for the Hebrew sectors.  Citing lack of voluntary cooperation from Hebrew parents in following policies necessary for the prosperity of the Egyptian nation, firmer laws are now being enforced.  As one Egyptian official puts it, “The desires of the individual must often be sacrificed for society to progress.  There needs to be a balance in population percentages, but the Hebrew birth rate far exceeds that of the average Egyptian.”

Egyptian government population policies for good of nation

Egyptian government population policies for good of nation

The new regulations require the Hebrew midwives to expand their services to include Positive Gender Selection.  A new Positive Gender Selection Department (PGSD) has been established to make appropriate decisions about what gender composition is optimum for the Egyptian nation.  Hebrew babies will receive a certificate at birth showing that their birth was validated.  Without this they will be denied work making bricks, as well as being subject to travel restrictions.

After just a few weeks of record keeping, PGSD administrators have been complaining that the Hebrew midwives are turning in inaccurate reports.  When interrogated, all the women would say is that Hebrews are healthier than Egyptians.  The government is considering charging them with crimes of culture hate speech for this offensive claim.

newborn baby boy

newborn baby boy

To further complicate matters, Egyptian mothers are beginning to secretly seek out the services of the Hebrew midwives.  There is much risk, due to the social stigma and the fact that it is illegal.  It has resulted in a significant increase in the proportion of live births, but the Egyptian medical experts are lobbying for stricter enforcement of the birth process laws.  While maintaining a safe and anonymous low profile, those favoring midwife assisted birth are still doing things like taking out one page ads that advertise:  “Babies can be born WITHOUT the government’s help” and “ALL Babies Are Good for Egypt”.

(for further information see Exodus 1:1-21)

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