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Helpless Female Learns About Chicken Psychology

Chickens exist for more than bar-b-q meat and egg laying. They are here on this earth to keep us humble. Even though they have brains the size of a pea (not scientifically verified), they keep us constantly guessing about our own view of the world and the predictability of natural phenomena. Some people have pondered that chickens don’t typically exist in the wild, citing that as evidence that the fowl are unnatural. (They might want to visit Hawaii and Taiwan before they publish their official findings, the “jungle fowl” zoo exhibit in Taipei looked suspiciously like a chicken.) I am formulating my own hypothesis that chickens are alien research pods with cameras in their eye-balls. The units are controlled from the mother ship to engage in various actions, then the responses of humans are documented. It may seem far fetched to you, but I think it is as good as many scientific theories they teach in the classroom. The bottom line is that what we think of as chicken psychology is really all about human behavior. They have us where they want us.

Like with all aliens, though, they have their weaknesses. For chickens, clipping their wings puts them at a disadvantage in how they can mock and manipulate. And, for whatever reason, they are drawn to home base. I wrote for D&B Supply about how some recent battles with our chickens. We won, but not without casualties. Below you can find a video showing how our head wing clipper gets the job done and how my herding techniques work.


  • OneBiteAtATime (BRS)

    Ours decided molting in December the day before it dropped to 8 degrees (F) would be a sufficient test of their humans capacity for caring…. Sometimes I have to remind myself that they are just a step more intelligent than pumpkins.

  • lauraimprovises

    ha ha ha, that is a good way to describe it!

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