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Helpless Female Faces Sprinkler Connectors Aisle

Have you ever been to shop for connectors and joints for sprinklers?  There’s this whole aisle of little white and grey pieces, with various sizes of threads, attachment points, and bends.  There are tiny little labels under each box that give the the dimensions, which is fairly useless for me because I can’t seem to keep instructions about what I’m supposed to buy in my head for more than 2 minutes…

I’ve been to this aisle with my husband.  He looks at a couple of things, finds what he wants, and we are done.  It’s easy and boring, so he figures he can just send me by myself “next time.”  Ha!  I get there and 2 – 3 men are shopping, like he does, looking knowledgeable and intimidating.  Last time I even had an important piece that I needed to attach to, but everything I tried just gave me a longer, lego-like version that ended up with the same problem at the end that I was trying to fix.  Art-like, but pointless.

This time I took in 2 important pieces.  No one was on the aisle, so I perused it in a more relaxed way, but after about 5 minutes I wanted to cry.  I have never seen any of the men there doing this, so I fought the impulse and went to ask for help.  The very nice D&B Supply man went right to the piece I needed and I told him I loved him.  Call me effusive –  He accepted this with a pleasant smile that indicated that this was a higher level of appreciation than normal, but he was okay with it.

The shopping trip was peaches and cream from then on.  I met Mike in the shop who handed me the elusive lawn mower air filter, then back to the original man for long, fencing staples and loading patio bricks.  Many thanks to the people at D&B Supply for getting this helpless female off to a good start this morning!

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