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How To Find Ice In A Hotel

Taipei Hyatt

We are in the pinkish building in the background center, a couple of stories above the roof line of the building in front of it, so that we could see the tops of the trees in the park where I am standing to take this picture.  But about the ice….

When looking for ice in the hotel, don’t use the stairwell, especially if your room is on the 16th floor.  Once you enter, there is no exiting since all of the doors to the floors are locked.  Except for the one at the bottom which is marked warning that an alarm will go off if it is opened.  No,  Greg didn’t open it, but found the door to the hotel kitchen!  He says the kitchen personnel were quite surprised to see him walk in, but they did have ice.  He then proceeded through the kitchen and took the elevator back

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