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Low Stress Swim Stroke Training in Fastlane Current for the Average Swimmer

The first step in swimming is to get comfortable in the water. The second step is to stay that way. I have been surprised at how the combination of lessons from Flowaquatics combined with the pace regulating inherent in swimming in the Endless Pool Fastlane trained me for the triathlon with less time and effort.

I have made about an almost 3 minute video in hopes of showing you a few things:

  • I’m not working that hard or fast in the pool
  • how some of us have done various strokes in the Fastlane current
  • how to work some with the current when you need to adjust your position
  • how the Fastlane current compares to open water swimming

Everyone can benefit from taking a short video of their swimming once in a while. Not only can it show you problems with your stroke, but it might just encourage you that you are doing better than you think you are! (Correction to audio: It is an Endless Pool Fastlane, but the pool is a Tuff Pool)


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