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May Blooms at the Idaho Botanical Garden

Our mid May visit to the Idaho Botanical Garden was on the day the Moody Blues concert was canceled. Its a good thing it was canceled, or the Garden would have been closed in preparation. As it was, we were among a very few uninformed who came to the Garden anyway.

The weather was only slightly warmer than during our March visit, but there were many more flowers in bloom.  We followed the same course through the garden, but skipped the “natural garden” path up the side of the hill.  We hike in the local hills regularly and see that sort of landscaping there.  Maybe the following photos will give you some ideas for your garden.  I’ve tried to mention names of what I know or what was labeled, but welcome help identifying the rest (or corrections…).  You should be able to enlarge pictures by clicking on them.


orange poppies and purple columbine


Not that many of us have the space for such a display of wisteria…


A closer look at the deep purple columbine.


Yellow lilies provide color right now in this border.


Unidentified lavender bush.  May have to go back and ask the personnel at IBG.


Formal hedges staging frilly clematis and my blonde brownie.


White clematis with a touch of purple.


Exotic purple clematis.


Giant allium


A peaceful corner for hostas.


Contrasted with these rows of mature hostas.


A well dressed geranium.


Spanish eyes in the grass, but you’ll notice that it hampers the mowing schedule.


Strange bark adds to the visual effect.


My partners in exploration.


Another fun tree.


I never tire of the variety of iris colors.


Snow in summer up the rose garden steps.  Delightful.


Raspberry swirl tulips are a nice addition to this bed.


Am dreaming of the wrought iron support for peonies in my yard.


I have no idea what this is and can’t decide if it belongs in a cave….flowers up close below.


I adore pussy toes and finally got some established in my garden.


Here they are up close with some striking red  columbine amongst them.


And stepping back a bit –


A new twist on the old west theme.


Apparently planted in broken rocks – see the whole row of them below:

It looks like this straw flower has some source of inner lighting!


These girls keep following me.  🙂


We saw this plant sprouting when there in March and it reminded us of a gooey alien life form.


and its flowers now.


The flowering roof over the Lewis and Clark display.


I have not been successful with penstemons in my yard, but IBG has a number of them that tempt me to keep trying.

See the buds up close below:


A bubbling brook –


With a camas lily on its banks.


Russian stonecrop.


Hot pink Lewisia.


A gentian blue flower


And also in the “fire protection” borders area, red penstemon and a weeping Siberian pea (tree?).


Me looking casual on a well placed bench.


If you are looking for a place for photo-ops, IBG has many opportunities.



This little fellow followed us a bit, seriously dive bombed the girls, then sat on the branch to sing an aria for us.  I think he wanted to play.


Another graceful combination.


A brilliant white shrub behind the covered swing.

Since it is actually June now, it is time to go again and see the roses in bloom.  The rose garden was looking very promising, but there were only one or two roses just beginning to show.











  • Beautiful pictures! I love seeing all the pretty flowers in bloom. 🙂

  • Sorry I had to miss the trip. Maybe I’ll manage to get in on another one soon, though. 🙂

  • We took the kids to Smokey the Bear’s birthday party at the Botanical Gardens this last Sunday – it was very nice, although somewhat warm and thirsty .. of course, the 30-45 minute hike through the desert above the gardens right before entering could have contributed to that!

  • That sounds like a nice, outdoorsy way to spend time together!

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