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My Backyard Weeds – Good versus Bad Grasses

grasses good versus badGrasses can be some of the most frustrating weeds around. Even your own lawn can easily become a pernicious weed in flower or vegetable gardens because of roots spreading or not getting adequately trimmed at borders, so that it is left to seed.

It helps to learn some about the different kinds of grass, which is what my son, a landscape architect in the yard care business, helped me with today. He let me video him explaining things, and armed with that information, I was able to look some things up more effectively. After all, if you just goggle “grass weed,” you are libel to get a wide variety of things….

So here is the video, and below are several other links that I found useful to read afterward.

Helpful links:

Turf type tall fescue

Controlling quackgrass in gardens

Annual bluegrass – poa annua


And if you happen to live near Boise or Nampa, here is his website:
Creative Yardscapes

Everyone enjoys grass in the right places.

Everyone enjoys grass in the right places.


  • Ben

    Just wanted to note that there is a product called Tenacity that can be used on Bentgrass that is in the lawn, especially if you catch it soon enough that it hasn’t killed off the other grass.

  • lauraimprovises

    thank you!

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