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It Makes My Hair Curl – Experiencing A Typhoon in Taipei This site has the best typhoon tracking and imagery that we have found.  We seem to be under the eye of the storm right now.  All is well so far.  We were without internet for a few hours yesterday and we know of some people who were without power for part of the day.  […]

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Open Spaces

I am feeling less apartment bound this week.  That is partly because Greg showed me how to get to the Keelung River.    There are stone paved walking paths, with a little bit of maneuvering on narrow roads, that can be used to reach this park within ten minutes of walking. (This photo is was taken […]

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On A Day Like Today

Today began like many a Monday in whatever country I’m in.  I started some laundry, fixed the kids their breakfast, and made a schedule for the day.  When I made the schedule, I think I may have forgotten that I was in a foreign country, only know a very few words of the language, and […]

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