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Bicycle Ride to Danshui Begins with Being Lost Inside Guandu MRT Station and Ends with a Broken Face

Most of you have heard the breaking news in our family, so you know that I’m doing reasonably, all things considered.  Possibly, some of you want a more complete story.  Also, I’m likely to write about my experience in the hospital and with the medical personnel here, so I might as well begin at the […]

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Imagine driving down a multi-lane road full of cars.  Everyone is tailgating, if you are to use the American space-boundary standards.  Cars are changing lanes at a rate that leaves you with the impression that they might not be aware that the lane lines are there and they don’t know what a straight line is.  […]

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little surprises

After a long weekend of being indoors, it was time once again to get groceries.  I have found that the taxis that on on my street usually already have passengers, since it isn´t an extremely main road, although most people in the US would definitely categorize it as a city street lined with shops and […]

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Daily Life

Sometimes its the smaller details that wear you out or cheer you up.  Fortunately, I can report a reasonable mixture of both, which weigh on the side of feeling rather at peace with life right now.  Or it could be the malaise of the fever, in which case that even can’t be rated as totally […]

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