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little surprises

After a long weekend of being indoors, it was time once again to get groceries.  I have found that the taxis that on on my street usually already have passengers, since it isn´t an extremely main road, although most people in the US would definitely categorize it as a city street lined with shops and […]

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Daily Life

Sometimes its the smaller details that wear you out or cheer you up.  Fortunately, I can report a reasonable mixture of both, which weigh on the side of feeling rather at peace with life right now.  Or it could be the malaise of the fever, in which case that even can’t be rated as totally […]

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Higher Still

Last Thursday, the kids and I went on a guided tour of Yangmingshan National Forest.  They were the only kids in a group of about 18.  Jesse was the only gentleman and he acted like one.  We left at 9 AM and were done close to 2 PM, so we put in a good effort […]

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Northern Beaches

We have found out where to go if you want to be alone.  The beach.  Specifically, a normal sandy expanse.  Today, Saturday, it was easily 90 degrees Fahrenheit.  The sky was clear.  There was a gentle breeze.  And we had the large beach to ourselves, excepting a small work crew. one bicyclist, and a swimmer […]

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To The Market

It seems like I have to go shopping at least every other day.  This is partly because even if I take a taxi, I can only get so much at one time.  The taxis are compact cars.  Then there is the fact that it takes some time to build up the household staples and goods.  […]

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