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Simplifying the Basics of Financial Statements for Stock Market Investments

Does trying to understand financial statements for stock analysis make you crazy?

The stock market investor suffering from information overload

With all the TONS of information out there, you’d think someone would be saying something comprehensible about the stock market!  Yes, a few of them do, but it often seems like they are spouting details to me in secret code, intending to be helpful, but sending my brain into a cascading meltdown.  Then there is Mariusz Skonieczny.

His 113 page book arrived today and I read it this evening.  It is called  The Basics of Understanding Financial Statements: Learn how to read financial statements by understanding the balance sheet, the income statement, and the cash flow statement.  Of all the explanations of this I have read, this is by far the most clear, concise, AND complete.  When I say complete, I don’t claim to have expertise.  What I mean is that I came away with an awareness of how all the financial statements are connected and how to use the information in each.  I’m sure I’ll be referring back to the book as I try to apply it, which is why I recommend the paper copy.

I have observed two of our children take basic college level accounting courses this past year.  I think Mr. Skonieczny could teach the courses in a day with his careful and straightforward manner.  He takes the tedium out of it by making it meaningful and rational.  If you manage your own checkbook, and can understand basic fractions, you can understand his presentation.  It will put a smile on your investing face.

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The contented stock market investor



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