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Build a Backyard Brick Oven – Rock Facade

The final step in making the backyard brick oven was giving it a finished look.  Being a bit of a rock hound who likes to wander around in the desert among the rattlesnakes, Greg decided to use rock from a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) pit.  There were a few small pieces left over from […]

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Build a Backyard Brick Oven – Door and Counter Shelves

One of the desirable features of the brick oven is to be able to heat up the fire brick core, then maintain an even distribution of heat.  The oven needs a door for this.  It needs to be a door that is a good combination of being heat resistant and non-conductive (thermally).  An all metal […]

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Build a Backyard Brick Oven – Roof Tiles

As you can imagine, it is especially important that the roof of a backyard oven be fireproof.  Said roof also needs to stay in place without screws or staples, since there is no wood to attach them to and it is hard to put those things in cement.  Lastly, it needs to be made in […]

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Build a Backyard Brick Oven – Outer Walls and Insulation

Although the rustic look of the oven in just its cladding has a certain appeal, for optimum heating there needs to be a layer of insulation.  An outer wall needs to be built so that this insulation can be put between it and the cladding.  This is the story of how Greg built it – […]

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Build a Backyard Brick Oven – Cladding and Entry with Chimney Hole

A cladding is something that overlays and encases.  This is useful for the brick oven because it helps it retain much more heat.  It may also help hold the core together more firmly.  The recommended cladding for the brick oven is regular concrete (as opposed to cinder concrete), but first, all the bricks are covered […]

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