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One Mother’s Journey in Discovering Economics: Finance Accounting with the 36 Hour McGraw-Hill Course Book

After accidentally becoming exposed to the true nature of economics a few years ago, I determined to teach my children about this oft neglected subject. We began with Thomas Sowell’s book Basic Economics: A Common Sense Guide to the Economy. I quickly realized why nothing beyond personal budgeting is generally taught in government run schools. […]

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Skonieczny Book is Basic Clear Introduction to the Stock Market

There are as many approaches to making money in the stock market as there are fad diets. And like these nutritionally questionable and unnecessarily expensive diets, most advice about the stock market is designed to keep the individual investor beholden to those who would like to make money from supplying a service that is really […]

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Simplifying the Basics of Financial Statements for Stock Market Investments

With all the TONS of information out there, you’d think someone would be saying something comprehensible about the stock market!  Yes, a few of them do, but it often seems like they are spouting details to me in secret code, intending to be helpful, but sending my brain into a cascading meltdown.  Then there is […]

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