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3 Books for Triathlon and Running Workout Perspective

The common feature of these books is that each person comes from life circumstances that the average person can relate to … sort of. These are not the tales of high school stars gone on to Olympic glory or talent rewarded with advertising sponsorships. These are people who chose to to pursue triathlon and/or running […]

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One Mother’s Journey in Discovering Economics: Finance Accounting with the 36 Hour McGraw-Hill Course Book

After accidentally becoming exposed to the true nature of economics a few years ago, I determined to teach my children about this oft neglected subject. We began with Thomas Sowell’s book Basic Economics: A Common Sense Guide to the Economy. I quickly realized why nothing beyond personal budgeting is generally taught in government run schools. […]

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Improving Swim Stroke After Age 50 Using Swim Speed Secrets by Sheila Taormina – Part 2

Part 1 I have discovered back muscles that I didn’t know I could activate!  Although all my clothes still fit and I don’t see anything monstrous when I look in the mirror,  just moving my shoulders in every day activities I am aware of my upper back muscles being stronger and more at my command. […]

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Improving Swim Stroke After Age 50 Using Swim Speed Secrets by Sheila Taormina – Part 1

Having never been a competitive swimmer, I don’t have the discouragement of feeling like I’ve already reached my peak with swimming.  Maybe I’ve already passed my optimum age for fullest potential compared to others, but I have not given up on personal goals and the enjoyment that comes with getting better at something.  Hence, I […]

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Time Efficient Triathlon Training Book Review

Time-Saving Training for Multisport Athletes, by Rick Niles, is my favorite triathlon training book.  Indeed, it would be excellent to read for understanding training in any sport, but especially for the three it covers for triathlons:  swimming, biking, and running. Information is concise, yet distinctly descriptive. The book’s page count and size is on the […]

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