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Helpless Female Gets a Tattoo

I had never even thought of getting a tattoo until a couple of years ago. I can’t explain what happened. Kind of like I can’t say just when and why the idea of piercing my belly button suddenly seemed interesting when I was 48 years old. It just occurred to me one day that it […]

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Helpless Female Goes on a Crocodile Hunt in Costa Rica

I was panicking. I had thought the previous morning’s exploratory trip our two husbands had taken through the crocodile swamp had satisfied their desire for adventure. But they were excited about the gorgeous beach on the other side. They wanted to show said beach to us, their wives. The other wife, a dear friend of […]

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Helpless Female Ponders the True Meaning of the Christmas Flu Season

Everyone is always arguing about the true meaning of Christmas. What they don’t understand is that the dates are all a hoax to distract us from the Flu Season. Think about it. The first victims of the Flu start succumbing near the end of November, the beginning of the supposed holiday season. The worst of […]

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Helpless Female Drives to the Airport

I drive to the local airport a lot, so you’d think I’d have it figured out by now. But I blame the sign makers. Airport traffic directional signs are possibly the only time the government uses too few words and doesn’t over manage. Really, if they can afford those digital bulletin boards to condescendingly harass […]

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Helpless Female Learns About Chicken Psychology

Chickens existĀ for more than bar-b-q meat and egg laying. They are here on this earth to keep us humble. Even though they have brains the size of a pea (not scientifically verified), they keep us constantly guessing about our own view of the world and the predictability of natural phenomena. Some people have pondered that […]

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