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Helpless Female Against the Tick

My life is like a movie. At least for me, anyway. It is full of excitement and unpredictability. There is occasionally blood. I get lost a lot and my husband has to frequently save me … from … myself. So, it is mostly a love story. However, there is sometimes a horror episode. That is […]

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The Joy of Hunting Squash Bugs

It is time to hunt squash bugs if you hope to harvest any zucchini this year.  If your squash or melon plants are looking droopy or turning brown, it may not be a need for water.  It is likely that squash bugs are sucking the life out of them. (click any picture to enlarge) As […]

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Ants With a Taste for Cabbage

One of my cabbages has had the life sucked out of it.   It is just one in a series of crimes perpetuated over the last few years.  The cabbage or broccoli will sprout, grow to a well established juvenile stage and then, steadily, the leaves change to a sick purple until the plant falls over, […]

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Bees in My Backyard

There is nothing quite like seeing wild creatures.  Movies are informative and provide beautiful imagery, but nothing can replace actually being right there yourself.  Such was the case with our backyard a week ago. At about 2:30 PM on this particular afternoon, I was passing by the kitchen window and noticed that the air above […]

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