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What to Pack for a Tropical Beach Vacation

Pack lightly, but take everything you need. Dress appropriately for each activity, but only have one change of clothes. Simplify and get away from it all, but have everything you need to relax. Based on these conflicting principles of travel, my friends and I have come up with a woman’s basic packing list for a […]

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Helpless Female Drives Off a Cliff

I have always had some trouble with heights. The theory is that it is due to very sensitive inner ears. I struggle with a sense of falling when still a good ten feet away from any edge that I can’t see the bottom to. Vistas hold little appeal to a person whose balance is questionable. […]

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Flying Glass at 5 Palms Restaurant in Maui

You can learn all kinds of things in resort hot tubs. Perfect strangers exchange information on everything from their latest injuries to where the best restaurants are. It was in a hot tub that we learned about the 5 Palms Restaurant in south Kihei on Maui. Back in our condo, the job of looking up […]

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Helpless Female Visits La Perouse Bay in Maui with Wild Greg

What would a tropical island be without lava?  But, I prefer my lava served cold.  They have some of that out on the most southwestern corner of Maui, along La Perouse Bay.  Wild Greg had previously checked it out and decided it would be a good place to test my limits of interacting with uncertainty. […]

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Kula Botanical Gardens on Maui – Stretch Your Legs In a Refreshing Change of Scenery

Even on Maui, you may feel the need to do something besides lay on the beach or swim in the ocean.  Kula Botanical Gardens is up high on the side of Haleakala, the southern dormant volcano.  Just like the east side of the island, it is commonly under dense cloud cover, but that is partly what […]

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