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How I Accidentally Increased My Balance and Flexibility by Dancing Barefoot

It makes me feel a little guilty. Nearly every time I go out dancing, someone compliments me, asking something like, “Are you are a professional?” or saying “You are amazing!”  Last week, a couple that I had never met was having enough fun watching me that they bought me a drink. The truth is there […]

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Boise Turkey Trot Relay Great for Aerobic Endurance Base Building

If you are looking for an event where you can run at whatever pace is comfortable for you and still have just as much chance of winning as the fast runners, this is it. For this race relay, the Boise Y-Striders Turkey Trot, there are teams of 4 persons. Each member of the team gives […]

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Comparing Perfect Running Sandals to Perfect Running Moccasins at a Cold Moist 37 Degrees

For the record, I would rather be completely barefooted and have been mostly barefooted since last spring. About a year ago, I went from being just a barefoot runner (for about 2 years) to being a barefoot person as much as I possibly could. Since I work at home, that is a lot. I have […]

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Organic Barefoot Principles in Action

The word organic is abused, but I like definition number 3 in my dictionary:  denoting a relation between elements of something such that they fit together harmoniously as necessary parts of a whole. It reminds me that feet are designed to “fit together” with the ground for walking and running… and dancing. I have experienced […]

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Running Around Jackson Wyoming in My Moc3s

If it had been a little warmer, Jackson would have been a nearly perfect town to run around in with bare feet that morning. The roads and paths were asphalt well within my comfort zone for longer distances. Also, there were wide bike pathways throughout town, without more than an occasional bike, so there was lots […]

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