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Making the Case for Bare Feet in Public – The Idaho Shakespeare Festival

———— Nampa, Idaho  83686 July 25, 2014   Hannah Read Newbill Director of Marketing Idaho Shakespeare Festival P.O. Box 9365 Boise, Idaho  83707   Dear Mrs. Newbill: Subject: Regarding the Idaho Shakespeare Festival policy on bare feet Four years ago, I adopted a predominantly barefoot life style when I realized the important health benefits of […]

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A Christian Libertarian Perspective on the Conflict Between Israel and Other Current Arab States in the Middle East

Some American Christians seem to try to use Israel as a talisman. Based on God’s declaration that He will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse that nation, there appears to be an effort on the part of many Christians to make sure that the United States government is always an advocate […]

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How to be Happily Unoffended in a World Full of Easily Offended People

Being offended is very popular right now. If a person can claim to have been offended, they feel justified in all kinds of attitudes and actions, from arrogant impatience to self-righteous black listing. Trying to talk to someone who is determined to be offended is like walking over a rope bridge when you know someone […]

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RVWD – What Does the Word Ordain Mean in the Bible

The word ordain in the Bible is closely related to the word appoint. In fact, out of the six Greek words listed in Vine’s Expository Dictionary of Biblical Words (Vine’s) which are sometimes translated as ordain or ordained, five of those are simply linked back to the explanations for various (and some of the same) Greek […]

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