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Real Facts About Native Plants

This article about native plants versus exotic ones reminded me about the ongoing discussion of what is best to plant in any environment. Are “native” plants best or most environmentally responsible? What qualifies as a “native” plant? It encompasses the idea of plant diversity and even challenges the idea of what it means to “garden.” […]

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Perspectives on Predictions of Economic Collapse for the Humble Investor

  There is one thing for sure, predictions of economic doom and collapse sell news. There are compelling reasons why it is so. There is plenty of obvious evidence of corruption and violence. Surely, collapse will come soon! Civilizations have collapsed in the past, haven’t they? The real answer seems to be relative, for several […]

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How to Teach Your Children to Invest in the Stock Market

I have recently had the pleasure of setting up custodial stock market accounts for grandchildren. I knew this could be done because we learned about it when setting up stock market accounts for our (still at that time) minor children. I was also inspired to do it because my dear mother-in-law bought savings certificates for […]

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