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What Are Dividends and Why Do They Matter

Let’s do ‘Dividends 101’ first, just in case there are some who are wondering ‘what exactly are dividends?’ A dividend is a distribution of real money that is made by a company to the owners of shares of common stock of that company. The company makes sure that you, because you have an ownership stake […]

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A Simple Exercise to Keep Stock Market News Articles in Perspective

When I was recently skimming a number of articles about companies on the stock market that we were evaluating, I happened on one about the company that my husband works for. I knew that he had enough exposure to company management to be able to tell me if he agreed with the stock analyst’s conclusions. […]

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How to Become Financially Independent: The Do It Yourself Approach

I suppose I was born with an active Do It Yourself (DIY) gene. Somehow the urge to innovate and do things for myself has always been a significant motivator for me. Being thus motivated, my habitual approach to things has been to decide if I am up to the task. Do I have the competencies […]

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How to Start Finding Companies on the Stock Market

To really start investing in the stock market you have to do two things: 1) you need to find good companies, and 2) you need to know how to find their ticker symbols. Both of these things can seem like needles in a haystack at first. If you just look at a list of ticker […]

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What Would You Use For Money ?

I remember reading stories of people being upset that Europeans paid Native American Indians in ‘beads’ and such for things that were ‘worth’ much more. However, the Indians were generally satisfied with the exchanges, seeing the immediate cash value of the beads in their society. With hindsight, we might be tempted to conclude that they […]

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