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If You Understand the History of the Stock Market You Can Ride the Waves Better

Just like with basic economics, if you are getting your information from the government and general news sources, you are likely confused.  It is the goal of these entities to keep you that way, thinking you need to keep coming to them for answers and regulation.  The book Stocks for the Long Run: The Definitive […]

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Investing a portion of income has too commonly been treated as synonymous with both hoarding and gambling.  While in nearly every other area of life, the concept of risk is seen as concurrent with opportunity, when there is talk of investing money, one is often subject to accusations of everything from “explotation” to “irresponsibility” to […]

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The Moral Superiority of a Wise Investment Strategy

Do you know who Fredric Bastiat is?  I met him last year when I read this book:  The Economics of Freedom: What Your Professors Won’t Tell You. In it he makes a thought provoking comparison between two brothers and their affect on the economy.  One brother gives indiscriminately, lives beyond his cash flow,  and when his […]

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