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Why Being a Mother is Not the Most Important Job in the World

This may seem like an odd thing for a devoted mother of seven to say, but I am going to present reasons why being a mother is not the most important job in the world. I do not believe this perspective degrades mothers, or puts children at risk. I am not saying these things because […]

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How the Public Schools are the Hub of Government Control and Dependence on Welfare

I know there are those who will try to make the argument that “we” (that nebulous group called society) cannot leave such important decisions about education to parents. Some children ‘might’ be neglected or educated in a way not approved of (again, not approved by that bodiless entity know as society). However, I’m pretty sure […]

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How to Write a Personal Code of Ethics for College

After nearly 30 years of teaching our 7 children at home, I would have to say the most important feature of teaching is discussion. (As opposed to training, where the most important thing you can help your children master is self-control.) Make your children think about hard questions as they become mature enough to understand the […]

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The Truth About Breast Milk Supply and Demand

I have now nursed seven babies, some of them through difficult circumstances such as oral surgery or having a broken arm. I’ve breastfed for various lengths of time, with my longest nurser going past her 2nd birthday. I have also nursed through sickness, sometimes the baby’s and sometimes my my own. I have even nursed […]

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Decentralized Parenting or How Parenting is Like Economics

Just like in politics, parenting has it’s parties. One party says keep the children institutionalized with psuedo-parents for most waking hours. Don’t let the birth parents have too much influence over the tender children, or they might traumatize them. A cadre of governmentally licensed or religiously approved caretakers are said to be much more capable […]

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