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Things to Love About the Garden in February

I could wish that I had counted the number of hours I have spent looking out my kitchen window into the backyard. I have spent 20 years watching children grow up through that window. A fast forward of the transitions I have seen in the landscape would be interesting, with raised garden beds replacing large sections of grass, brick ovens being built, tree growing and being cut down. Sometimes I am so engrossed in what I am doing at the sink, and with the indoor activity swirling around me, that I don’t really see out the window. Other times, I contemplate all of life in the flight patterns of a flock of swallows. Often, I see all the “yard work” that needs to be done, as I write about in this blog for D&B Supply entitled “An Essay on Things to Find in Your February Garden.” I like to work in the fresh, outdoor air, but it is still decidedly hard manual labor. Even if I sing while I work, I think I get credit for the effort and results!

And since it is Valentine’s Day, I will link back to a romantic post from my husband’s and my 30th wedding anniversary over two years ago: I Have Loved You More. And since as I write this, his airplane is delayed getting him home from a business trip, here’s one more: Knowing You

Exploring parts of the Florida coast in December 2014

Exploring parts of the Florida coast in December 2014

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