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This Underground House – Looking for Land

You just never know when your engineer-husband will want to build an underground house. You should just be prepared, because some day it will just seem like the right time and you will go out looking for property with the correct southern exposure for the side of the house that will be nearly all windows and be exposed for sunlight and access. The plan will be that the rest of the house will be buried, except possibly for a bit on the eastern side, to collect some morning sunlight.

When you ask questions, you will possibly discover a little at a time what is on his mind for building schemes. At first you might think he is going to design and build the whole thing himself, so you will probably be a little relieved to hear that he has plans to hire an architect. You will also be relieved that it won’t look like some of the space-age capsule looking underground homes that are popular photos on the internet. As much as you like curves and soft lines in interior design, curved walls are hard to hang pictures on and you like your family photos. But you shouldn’t really be surprised, since he is a practical engineer, after all.

This Underground House - Looking for Land

He will have some definite design ideas of his own, because he has probably spent hours researching all the issues surrounding such a project, such as how to build the roof strongly enough to hold up the weight of dirt. Also, he might already have some very interesting concepts for where to put solar panels and skylights. He will be keeping this all in mind as he looks for land, evaluating every hill and ravine.

He will probably want a larger than average lot, maybe a few acres, because half the fun of an underground house is to try to blend into the landscape. Plus, a larger lot will give you more dirt to work with and more room to move it around. Will Google be able to find it?

All of this searching for the right parcel of land will mean hours of driving to remote parts. Then you  will be walking boundaries and criss-crossing the land to evaluate it. You will need to go along for most of the searching because he values your input. You might be encouraged that just by going on these adventures, you begin to think of things to consider and actually have some good suggestions!

Privately, you might make a list of concerns and desires for features in the underground house, and going to visit properties will give you more ideas for this list. Then, when considering really making a land purchase, you will be glad when your husband asks to see your list. It will be good to go over all these details together to see if they make sense for this land or for any underground house.

You will be thinking about gardening in totally new soil, needing to be concerned about new pests, like deer and whistle pigs. You will look forward to identifying all the wild plants on the new land; and wonder what goats might eat, because you still think about getting goats again and your husband just might surprise you by being interested in them again …

It all hinges on the location and type of land. It is a big project, so you will try to be patient and wait until you feel really good about all the factors with a piece of land. How close is it to the busy main highway? How close are the neighbors? Will you be able to dig a well? How much will it cost to get power to that spot? Are there easements for accessing the land? And, naturally, can you afford it without going into debt?

Meanwhile, you will buy the domain and look forward to writing about the experience! And you start a pinterest board called How to Build an Underground House.




  • This reads kinda like ‘Give a Mouse a Cookie,’ but without the control of that optional first step. 😉 But now I know where to look for news about your future locations! 😛

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