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Through My Kitchen Window

Today you can find me over on the D&B blog singing the Bountiful Harvest Blues from inside my kitchen window with deep feeling.  :-)

My kitchen window is now superbly decorated with a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, custom made mosaic that it didn’t have when I wrote the poem below.  (No, the counter isn’t that clean right now.)  In fact, I hadn’t looked at the poem for years when I drew the crayon drawing for the design.  Funny that the mosaic should end up illustrating so much about the poem!  Come on a quick poetic tour of the seasons as I see them through my window:

bees and dragonflies on the tile mosaic cut and put up by my husband

bees and dragonflies on the tile mosaic cut and put up by my husband

Through My Kitchen Window

Through my kitchen window

I see the tulips rise,

Alpine poppies bounce and blow,

Robins winging by.

Bees careen through the air

Spiders weaving art,

Stealth mosquitoes everywhere,

Children playing parts.

Horses strain over fences

To nibble greener fare.

Squirrels poised in branches,

Ignorant of my stare.

Pheasant with emerald necktie

Crossing unaware.

Dragonflies wildly fly.

Sprinklers need repair.

The hummingbird that tempts me

To motionless observe

It’s flower dancing glory

And secretive return.

Electric clouds colliding

Sudden moisture poured

Nonchalant seeds riding

Winds on casual tour.

Leaves willingly abandon,

To gravity give way.

Rivers crisply run,

Gather some and play.

Through my kitchen window

While life in forced retreat,

I long for gracious, covering snow

The bareness delete.

birdhouse and butterfly part of tile mosaic

birdhouse and butterfly part of tile mosaic


  • Heidi

    I love that backsplash – it is so YOU and your kitchen! The personality Dad and you captured is so cheerful. :-)

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