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Tiny Ceramic Pot Garden Markers

The perfect garden marker

What would be your perfect garden marker? For me, it was one that

  • could be made quickly
  • with inexpensive materials
  • which were readily available
  • that had a less of a chance of being covered up by plant growth
  • that could be very specifically labeled
  • that would hold up to the weather
  • that would resist fading
  • won’t accidentally stab me
  • would look kind of cute without a lot of artistic talent

I think I have finally found a great combination of all of those factors in my tiny ceramic pot garden markers.

Tiny Ceramic Pot Garden Markers

About my pots

These are not miniature ceramic pots, so are big enough to write on with large enough letters for me to read without my reading glasses! Also, this approximately 4 inch diameter pot is obvious at the end of the row, heavy enough that it won’t be blown away by the wind, and unlikely to be a tempting cat or dog plaything.

I made a video to show how I made my garden markers out of them. As noted in the video, the same basic process could be applied to bricks or rocks.

Worth a try

In all honesty, I have not yet used these markers for a whole season, but they have to be better than the wooden sticks that fade, or the metal markers that are difficult to write on. They were so easy and fast to make, that it was well worth my time to give it a try.

I will give an update in the fall, when I collect them so they won’t be damaged by winter weather. Until then, here is how I made my Tiny Ceramic Pot Garden Markers:





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