When Jesus Reads From Isaiah 61

Right after Jesus shows Satan what He’s really made of in the wilderness, He goes into a synagogue to read a very particular passage in Isaiah.  He is making a clear statement of His direct mandate from the LORD and His reasons for being on earth.  He lets them know unequivocally that He is fulfilling prophecy.  He does stop mid sentence, compared to the section He is quoting, strongly indicating that His time, this time, does not include the rest of the statement.  But next time is coming.

I have put this passage in Isaiah to song, per our normal methods of meditating on God’s Word.  Here is Isaiah 61:1-3 in a minor funk with a middle eastern influence:

Isaiah 61.1-3

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  • http://gourmetinthefield.com beth

    *dances*. Oh, wait. I didn’t realize anyone was watching. Nice groove!

  • Mom

    I like it!

  • Rich

    Nice! Its like toby mac and jefferson airplane having hummus and pita in the middle east :D

  • http://anemoneflynn.com Heidi

    Great song! :-) And lol @ Rich’s comment … :-D