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I am just an ordinary 54 year old woman having extraordinary fun!  My fun right now includes:

  • barefoot and minimalist running, 
  • swimming and having a new pool in my back yard, 
  • triathlon training and learning not to be terrified on a bike, 
  • gardening on my acre and in my greenhouse,
  • discovering how to be a grandma (going by the grandma name of “Lulu”),
  • sewing, but never completely following the instructions
  • studying Mandarin Chinese, 
  • learning about the stock market, economics, and accounting (even though it leads to ever increasing frustration with the government),
  • non-institutional Christian fellowship, 
  • food storage and cooking
  • raising chickens in spite of the predators
  • occasional traveling,
  • and, of course, I enjoy writing!

My husband and I have graduated from raising our seven children to adulthood; now we can enjoy family life in a whole different way.  I attempt to have a flexible routine, well peppered with daily improvisations because, although I like to plan, there is nothing like living life now! disclosures

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