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Can I Keep Running Barefoot in Cold Winter Weather

If you have recently learned to enjoy barefoot running, you probably learned in the warmer months of the year. You worked on patiently building up the soles of your feet, but as winter begins to creep in, you wonder if it is safe to run barefoot in cold weather, AND if you can tolerate it, […]

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How to Avoid Achilles Tendon Injury When Running Barefoot

It is not very hard to make the case that being barefoot while running, walking, dancing, standing (any time you use your feet) is better for all the joints and tendons in your body. The physiology of the foot and its connections are well suited to help maintain balance, while minimizing impact to the rest […]

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5 Lessons from My First Maximum Aerobic Function Barefoot Race on Sharp Gravel with Hills

    Last Saturday, I ran my first running race at maximum aerobic function pace AND my first race barefoot on a significant amount of of sharp asphalt while participating in the Final Kick Events 2014 Shamrock Shuffle. Here is a summary of lessons I learned from the experience:       1.   Going to […]

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Pre Race Barefoot Evaluation of the Shamrock Shuffle 10K Run Course

  Location:  near Nampa, Idaho; starting and ending at the Ste. Chapelle Winery Date and time of evaluation run:  Saturday, March 1, 2014, from about 11 AM to noon Weather during my run:  44°F; steady, light rain; icy wind picked up about half way through. Traffic:  minimal and polite (click on any photo to enlarge) […]

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How I Accidentally Increased My Balance and Flexibility by Dancing Barefoot

It makes me feel a little guilty. Nearly every time I go out dancing, someone compliments me, asking something like, “Are you are a professional?” or saying “You are amazing!”  Last week, a couple that I had never met was having enough fun watching me that they bought me a drink. The truth is there […]

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