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Learning About Chlorosis for the Average Gardener – A Book Review

This week I wrote about chlorosis for the D&B Supply blog. Chlorosis has been a frustrating problem for me since I began gardening here in Idaho over 25 years ago. I have tried taking action based on the common gardening advice that I’ve heard at local nurseries, but have never been satisfied. So, this time, I determined to do some more thorough research. I read and compared several articles about it, but one of the most helpful resources was a new book by one of the Garden Professors, Linda Chalker-Scott, entitled How Plants Work: The Science Behind the Amazing Things Plants Do (Science for Gardeners). I have previously been impressed with all of the professors’ practical and unemotional analysis of plants and gardening both on their blog and also in a book I have previously recommended by another of them. You can read a review of that book, about organic gardening techniques, if you click here.

I didn’t read all of How Plants Work yet, but found the index very useful in finding the information that I needed for this issue. What I have read did lead me to explore the book some beyond that, and gives me the sense that it will be a fun winter read. After I am done with all my harvesting.

I always like to have the hard copies of these sorts of informational books, since I make useful notes and marks in them when I research, but I might need to also get it on my kindle for when I travel. I bought an extra copy to give as a gift. While pretty garden books can be fun to look at and get ideas for landscapes, I think the details I will learn from this book will keep me appreciating it year after year.


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