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The Puddle Song with Cori Lou

The Puddle Song


I’m sure many of you sing made-up songs while you rock children or grandchildren to sleep. When I had Cori Lou for the day yesterday, she had just been playing in puddles with her GoPa, so that is what I sang about softly as we cuddled. I didn’t plan on making the song part of the video, but one thing led to another with music copyrights, and The Puddle Song took more complete. but simple, shape. The lyrics are below!

Cori Lou in the Puddle and the Dirt from Laura Blodgett on Vimeo.


The Puddle Song (or Do Pill Bugs Swim?)


First there’s rain

Then come puddles

Ten little toes go splashing making bubbles

Floating seeds, and washing rocks, listening to the chickens squawk

Seeing if the pill bug swims


Liquid sounds

Now I’m all wet

Never holding still, no blue lips yet

Mixing mud and feeling free, wincing when the dog licks me

Seeing if the pill bug swims


All I want to know is why and how;

Let me look around and discover now!


Sun came out

And I don’t know –

Where did that good puddle go?

Squishy grass and butterflies, every thing a new surprise

I don’t think that pill bugs swim.




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