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The Real Fabric Market in Taipei Taiwan

fabric 1

If you appreciate sewing at all then a few pictures is about all you will need.  The only thing I need to say is that the whole main floor of fabric vendors is the size of a floor of a department store in a mall.    Each vendor has a space jam-packed with goods, with a small area for getting a closer look.  The floor above had some fabric and many tailors and seamstresses hard at work. For directions click here.

fabric 2

The pictures mostly just look at what was right on the aisles as we walked the main walkways.  The walkways form a huge, tightly woven grid.  It is very difficult to keep track of where one is.  However, there are entrances at at least 3 corners of the building, if you can locate a corner.

fabric 3

Just like at the open, bazaar style fresh produce market, there are numbers over each store.

fabric 4

There were a couple of places that had thread and various ‘notions’, but the best selection of those things was in the other specialty shops on alleys surrounding the fabric building.  I purchased 2 zippers from a store FULL of shelves of zippers of every color imaginable.

fabric 5

fabric 6

fabric 7

fabric 8
I plan on going back sometime by myself, or with someone if I can find anyone here who likes fabric as much as I do, and spending hours enjoying looking at everything.  THIS I will miss when I come back home.

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