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Thoughts on Learning to Buy Gifts for a Man

If you still need ideas for Christmas shopping for any men in your life, here is a link to an article I wrote for D&B Supply about some thought processes and activities that have helped make Christmas shopping more fun and successful for me.

In fact, I found things to put on my list for me that I didn’t know I needed! If you are already done Christmas shopping, the approach could help you be better prepared and more creative for next year.

If your man is a gardener, this list from July might also be helpful: 16 Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas for Gardeners in Your Life.

There are a few things on this list of potential, easy homemade Christmas gifts, too, that I have made for men that they seem to use, some for fun and some for comfort. Can’t tell you yet what I got the guys in my sphere this year, but I will out a list to post after Christmas for those of you who want to plan ahead.

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How to Not Over React 怎麼不過分的反應 in Chinese

It is important to learn 怎麼不過分的反應❶。 (怎麼)(不)[(過分)(的)](反應)。 (zen3 me.) (bu2) [(guo4 fen4) (de.)] (fan3 ying4) (how) (not) [(beyond the normal and proper limits) (mades the previous word an adjective)] (to react). how not to overreact.   It can be hard because 有時候一些人他們就是要生氣。 (有時候)(一些)(人)(他們)(就是)(要)(生氣)。 (you3 shi2 hou4) (yi4 xie1) (ren2) (ta1 men.) (jiu4 shi4) (yao4) (sheng1 […]

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