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The Best Active Bikini of 2015 is a TYR

I wear a bikini for a lot of reasons, but laying out in the sun is not high on the list. I try that periodically, mostly when on vacation, but I rarely last more than 10 minutes, even with a book to read. I need a bikini that can handle lots of varied motion. I not only swim against a mechanically generated moving current in my swimming pool in the backyard, but I frequently appreciate the minimalism of a bikini for working in the garden on a hot day. I also need something that will stay in place when playing with the grandkids in the pool, running or playing Frisbee on the beach, or doing housework (because who knows when it might be the right moment on a summer day to dip in the pool!)

Me in my best bikini, swimming for 25 minutes without stopping in the Endless Pools Fastlane generated moving current.

Me in my best bikini, swimming for 25 minutes without stopping in the Endless Pools Fastlane generated moving current.

In the winter, a one piece is fine. The only thing I am doing is going into my winterized, indoor swimming pool area to exercise. Once it warms up outside, and the sun is in summer mode, that much fabric clinging to me is too hot and too cumbersome. A one piece does not allow for the same comfortable full range of motion. Plus, my husband prefers me in a bikini, and I like to get a bit of a tan. A little research shows that basically the information about cancer from the sun’s rays is conjecture or marketing. So, we enjoy our time in the sun.

There are also fashion issues. My body type is significantly defeminized in a one piece suit designed for active wear. Think fun house mirror stretch and squash. Fortunately, a classic bikini style looks better on my somewhat subdued figure. As long as I don’t get too hung up on not looking like a teenager any more, I have much more fun when I am wearing a bikini.

TYR currently sells a classic bikini that I think is the best active bikini of the year. I am going ahead and including photos of me, because that proves I actually have this bikini and shows how it looks on a more average person. No photoshopping here, but I do confess to choosing the photos that I thought were from the best angles and perspective. (click on any photo to enlarge) Here are the bottoms and here is the top on the website for purchase at This is why I like it so much:

  • Putting my hair in the lycra cap.

    Putting my hair in the lycra cap.

    The fixed triangle cups on the top are not too small and not too large for my A size bust. When the cups are too small, motion is much more likely to displace them. When they are too large, an already small bust is minimized and the tan lines are inconvenient.

  • A good view of the comfortable cross straps in back -

    A good view of the comfortable cross straps in back -

    The thick elastic straps on the top cross comfortably across the back, avoiding the pulling at the neck of a halter-type tie system. The TYR straps are flat and wide enough to lay without cutting into my skin with movement, but thin enough to not be bulky. They have the right amount of give that keeps the suit in place without me feeling like I have to cinch it on tightly.

  • One last drink of lemonade before the workout.

    One last drink of lemonade before the workout.

    The bottoms ride securely on my hips without digging in, and are not “high cut” in the leg. There is  drawstring tie that allows me to give them a custom fit around my hips, but it tucks inside and I never notice it during wear time.

  • The fabric is sturdy without being heavy. I have gone through many swim suits in about 20 years of very regular swimming. I can tell the moment I feel a swim suit fabric how it will hold up over time.  This fabric feels durable, is holding up well after a month in the water and sun, and also does not resize itself when wet, like so many do. I have not had any problem with the suit getting larger once it is wet.
  • The price was right. I bought this suit because it was 1/2 to 1/3 third less than the other active bikinis that I saw for sale.


I bought another TYR bikini 2 piece that I liked for style. It works okay, but not as well as this style when up against the Fastlane current. It is also not quite as flattering on me. (top and bottom) There some stores to shop on Maui, in Paia, that my husband says I can visit when we go there this winter. Most of them have online ordering, but I would rather go try some things on, since I’ll be there anyway! Meanwhile, I may very well buy another TYR suit to help get me through this summer.

The suit works well when I decide to run against the moving current, too.

The suit works well when I decide to run against the moving current, too.


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