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Why People Need a Hug 為什麼人們 需要擁抱 in Chinese

      Why People Need a Hug 為什麼人們 需要擁抱 in Chinese Proving once again that there are many major similarities in common between most cultures, the Chinese word for “to hug” will be discussed today.  While in English, the word has wonderful connotations, the Chinese version leaves no room for doubt.     你得完整地用雙臂如果你要擁抱朋友。 […]

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Swimming Pool Free Chlorine, Chloramines, Skin Rash, and Natural Enzymes – part 2

After becoming convinced beyond reasonable doubt that my traditionally chlorinated swim spa was giving me a horrendous skin condition, it was time to proceed with making the switch to natural enzymes for sanitation. The first step was to drain all the water out, which I mostly did by myself after getting some verbal review on […]

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