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I am just an ordinary 53 year old woman having extraordinary fun!  My fun right now includes barefoot running, swimming, triathlon training, gardening, discovering how to be a grandma (going by the grandma name of "Lulu"), sewing, studying Mandarin Chinese, learning about the stock market, non-institutional Christian fellowship, cooking, and occasional traveling. Read more about me here!
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RVWD – What Does the Word Propitiation Mean in the Bible

Do you know what the word propitiation means as used in the Bible? If you look up its roots, you find it comes from the Latin word propitius, which simply means “favorable” or “gracious.” The English adjective propitious is derived from it (See Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 4th edition). I think I may have actually read in an […]

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DIY Outdoor Plant Shelf System for Hardening Off Seedlings

I thought I wanted a cold frame for my birthday, to help me with hardening off my seedlings started in my greenhouse. I have an old one that I’ve been using (that my engineer made me years ago), along with the picnic table, the patio furniture, and the patio cement. He was quite willing to […]

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Why I Do Not Use Fabric Softener and What I Do Instead: Dryer Balls, Baking Soda, and White Vinegar Options

  I stopped using fabric softener because: the “fragrances” were too strong for comfort they often unpredictably stained my clothing they seemed like a questionable expense they left an unpleasant film around the dispenser the things in the list below work well   What I do now: a scoop of baking soda, approximately 2/3 cup […]

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Knowing How to Say 我不敢嘗試 in Chinese Could Keep You Out of Trouble

One of the first phrases I was taught in Chinese, when we lived in Taiwan, was 不要 (bu2 yao4), literally meaning “don’t want”, so that I could communicate confidently with persistent sales people. It worked wonders, because a polite shaking of the head, or even smiles while walking away, seemed to leave them with the […]

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Helpless Female Gives Advice on Setting Metal Fence Posts

I think we have more metal fence posts in place around our yard than the average home. This is only partly due to us living on an acre. Our neighbors, all with similarly sized or smaller lots, generally have white vinyl fences, if they have fences at all. Most of these seem mainly decorative, though […]

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