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How to Talk About Your Husband in Chinese

I like to talk about my husband 因為我愛他而且他是很棒! (因為)(我)(愛)(他)(而且)(他)(是)(很)(幫)! (yin1 wei4) (wo3) (ai4) (ta1) (er2 qie3) (ta1) (shi4) (hen3) (bang4) (because) (I) (love) (him) (but also) (he) (to be/is) (very) (great) Because I love him, and he is also great!   There are two main ways to talk about a husband in Chinese. 一個叫法很客氣。 (一個)(叫法)(很)(客氣)。 […]

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The 8 Month Half Marathon Triathlon Marathon Training Plan for Over Age 50 Me

The half marathon is 3 months away. The slightly-more-than sprint triathlon is 5.5 months away. The marathon is just over 7 months away. I needed a plan to keep me working for the total running mileage needed for the marathon, while giving me the brick training for the triathlon. (click here to see the events […]

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