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I Have Loved You More

The magnificent husband and I were married 30 years ago last Tuesday.  So, it seemed like a good time to post a poem that I wrote for him back in 2000.  It does rhyme, in an unusual way.  (Maybe you can figure it out.)  I call it:


I had thought, when our love was birthed, that I was lost

In the depths of your eyes, in the fullness of heart.

But I have loved you more than youth, yet untried,

Can offer. That first joy was a sweet prelude

To the lessons of God; for no matter how dear

The gift that you are to me, I must be emptied

Of myself to love you best – and still cannot exhaust

The limit of Heaven’s hand to bless this art

Of marriage. To God’s perfect way I have replied

And you have met me there; I confess that I could

Not be myself without you. This I beg you – hear!

I will love you more as with this life we proceed.

The Magnificent Husband on Cascade Lake, Idaho

The Magnificent Husband on Cascade Lake, Idaho

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