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If Your Broccoli is Curling its Leaves it’s Not Getting Ready for a Night on the Town.

The invasion is subtle, like aliens silently descending on a warm summer night to blend into the environment, hiding where least expected, leaving humankind thinking that all is still well with the world, while gruesome creatures multiply. You should understand this about aphids.  If you do not mount an offensive promptly, you might as well […]

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If It’s Not One Leg It’s the Other or How to Manage Injury in the Over 50 Triathlete

Possibly the most frustrating injury is one that arises from an activity other than triathlon training.  Say, for instance, that you have been careful with moderate increases in your training load.  You are getting enough sleep, taking rest days, and alternating activities to decrease the potential of overuse injury. Then, responsibilities come up that are […]

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