Build a Backyard Brick Oven – Door and Counter Shelves

One of the desirable features of the brick oven is to be able to heat up the fire brick core, then maintain an even distribution of heat.  The oven needs a door for this.  It needs to be a door that is a good combination of being heat resistant and non-conductive (thermally).  An all metal […]

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Modified 40/20 Speed Workout for the Die Hard Over 50 Year Old

(Workout report from 12/24/2012) Maybe I should have been suspicious when he said he wasn’t coming with me.  Should I have believed that he couldn’t really move his right arm or bend his legs without severe pain after playing frisbee with the young folks for two hours on Friday night?  Or maybe I should learn […]

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Hot Egg Nog Batter

  Sometimes known as Holiday Batter or Tom and Jerry Batter, this hot drink hits the spot for me on cold winter evenings.  It is a recipe given to me by my mother-in-law.  I like it mixed with half water and half milk, sprinkled with some nutmeg, which makes it lighter than traditional egg nog. […]

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