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COST Accuses Community Leader of Barbarous Behavior

reported by BNP via the Genesis Review A spokesman for COST (Controlling Others for Societal Transformation) is shining the spotlight on questionable activity at Abram Hebrew’s ranch complex.  Word has leaked out that all male members of the family and all male servants were subjected to mutilation in a most humiliating and irrevocable way.  Suspicions […]

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What is Still Blooming After a Few Days of Frost in Southwest Idaho

Not every blooming plant dies with the first frost here in Southwest Idaho.  And I’m not just talking about chrysanthemums or weeds.  Of course, it depends on how low the temperatures go.  Health of the plant and overall exposure  make a difference, too.  It is helpful for future planning, to take stock of what is […]

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The Pre-Winter Post-Triathlon 6 Week Barefoot Workout Challenge

My reading in Time Saving Training for Multisport Athletes and Swim Speed Secrets inspired me to create a plan for a six week training plan to improve my swimming,  keep my running solid, and just maintain some biking. I am just finishing week 4 of this plan.  I am a little tired some days, but making progress, […]

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