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Egyptian Leader Rethinks Policy of Apprehending Attractive Immigrant Women

reported by BNP via the Genesis Review The Egyptian leader’s ongoing policy of detaining lovely women may have backfired on him when a foreign dignitary recently visited.  Cabinet members followed protocol for flagging the presence of the dignitary’s stunning sister, Sarai, who was part of the entourage.  Approval was immediately obtained from the     […]

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Just Go Ahead and Sew a Dress with the Heirloom Silk or African Border Print Fabric

Too many times, heirlooms and special fabrics are packed away and saved for some undefined “day.”  I inherited one long piece of silk a few years ago that had been someone’s treasure from right after World War II.  The avid seamstress, my husband’s grandma, never cut it, always waiting for the perfect project.  Almost 60 years […]

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