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RVWD – What Does the Word Communion Mean in the Bible

The Bible does not talk about “taking” communion. When it uses the word communion, it means, “to share, to participate, to recognize fellowship that is enjoyed.” (See Vine’s Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words). In other words, those people with “things in common” are by default bound together by their shared status or experience. Communion […]

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How to Compare Who 買了很多巧克力給我 is Buying Me the Most Chocolate in Chinese

All of my friends and family have been known to do it. 他們買了巧克力給我。 [(他)(們)][(買)(了)](巧克力)❶(給)(我)❷。 [(ta1) (men.)] [(mai3) (le.)] (qiao3 ke4 li4) (gei3) (wo3). [(he, but also gender neutral pronoun for a mixed group when you need to add the suffix that makes it plural) (suffix that makes the first word plural)] [(to buy) (suffix emphasizing […]

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