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6 Links to Intelligent Gardening in a World of Organic Hyperbole

Some days I think we need another amendment to the Constitution for Freedom of Gardening. For a gardener to whisper that he might be questioning any organic gardening mantra is to call down the Organic Inquisition. And lest you think I am over reacting, there is a growing swell of voices calling to make a certain politically […]

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How to Make a Fruit Smoothie 怎麼做水果奶昔 in Chinese

    怎麼做水果奶昔 (怎麼)(做)(水果奶昔) (zen3 me.) (zuo4) (shui3 guo3 nai3 xi2) (how) (to make) (fruit milkshake) How to make a fruit smoothie.❶     It is the perfect summer lunch. 你只要一些水果,足夠的液體,和一點冰塊。 (你)(只)(要)(一些)(水果)❷,(足夠的)❸(液體),(和)(一點)(冰塊)。 (ni3) (zhi3) (yao4) (yi1 xie1) (shui3 guo3), (zu2 gou4 de.) (ye4 ti3), (han4) (yi1 dian3) (bing1 kuai4) (you) (only) (to need) (some) (fruit), […]

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